New Infernal Brew: Blonde de l'Enfer


The Blonde de l’Enfer is arriving in Canada as a limited time offer this October, 2018. Its launch comes less than a month after it won the prestigious international title of World’s Best Pale Beer. It will be available in the 750 mL bottle and in the Unibroue Collection mixed pack in 341 mL bottles.

At 10.5% ABV, this scandalously rich specialty beer is brewed with a unique Belgian yeast strain and has a sinfully smooth balance of spice, malt and hops flavors that blend well with champagne-like effervescence.

Faithful to our tradition of brewing Belgian-style beers with a nod to Quebec culture, we have concocted this non-traditional version of a classic style, the Belgian Strong Golden Ale. These ales were traditionally named after the Devil due to its lust for power and in reference to the beer’s deceitful drinkability, despite its high alcohol content – Blonde de l’Enfer meets these criteria.

A truly infernal brew, to be enjoyed responsibly.

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