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Belgian-style beers from right here.


Unibroue is still building its reputation today with these beers from the grand tradition of Belgian brewing. Our beers are refermented through a method established by Trappist monks for over two centuries. Many of these names are iconic for several generations of specialty beer drinkers here and around the world.

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For strong beer lovers

Specialty brews

These exceptional brews take their inspiration from the Belgian style to create something unique and original. This line is the product of our master brewer's expertise and creativity, yielding complex beers with high alcohol content that have won multiple international awards. These devine nectars are particularly sought after by connoisseurs for their beer cellars and collections.

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Blonde de l'enfer
Lune de Miel
Ale gâteau Forêt-Noire
La Résolution
17 Grande Réserve
Get drawn in by Autre Chose

Autre chose Serie

This series breaks the boundaries of our Belgian brewing tradition. AUTRE CHOSE are contemporary, innovative beers from a variety of styles, making room for new experiences. These beers are available year round, coming and going as new creations come along. They're only available in cans.

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IPL Du Rang-d'au-Dessus
HIPL de Rivière-Trouble
Rousse de Pointe-à-Corbeau

Pairings, recipes, cocktails and fusions

Recipe ideas

Discover new ideas to appreciate or rediscover your favourite beers. Try therm as a cooking ingredient, and to accompany your recipes. Try a surprising beer-based cocktail. Get novel suggestions that show beyond any doubt that there's real chemistry between Unibroue and good food.

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