Autre Chose : IPL


Québec brewery Unibroue launches the Autre Chose – India Pale Lager (IPL), a beer style that’s gaining in popularity in the province. Born out of a desire to offer “something different” and transcend Unibroue’s traditions, this IPL expands the Autre Chose product line, which includes a Peach IPA and a Session Ale Ginger. Autre Chose – India Pale Lager is currently available for sale in individual cans (1 x 473 ml) or in packs of 4 (4 x 473 ml).

A thirst-quenching beer

Brewed with five types of hops providing fruity and juicy aromas, our new IPL will surprise you with its robust hoppy and grassy notes. Unfiltered and not bottle conditioned, the beer’s subtle floral and lemon notes shine, for a refreshing, delicate and bright taste with clean bitterness. Its fruity, juicy and slightly bitter finish is enticing and will leave you wanting more. It is available in cans, the perfect format for any occasion!

“Falling somewhere between a Pilsner-type lager and an IPA, our new IPL is refreshing and thirst-quenching,” explained Unibroue’s master brewer, Jerry Vietz. “The maltiness goes perfectly with the grassy notes and citrusy aromas of the hops that were carefully selected to produce this masterfully balanced beer.”

The best of both worlds

According to Unibroue’s beer sommelier, Sylvain Bouchard, the beer has the best features of both IPAs and pale lagers. “Autre Chose – India Pale Lager is sure to become your new favourite beer,” said Mr. Bouchard. Striking a perfect balance between the hoppy aromas and bitterness of an India Pale Ale (IPA) beer with the sweet maltiness and great drinkability of a pale Pilsner-type lager (the most widely consumed type of beer in the world), this innovative IPL is just perfect for summer.”

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