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  • You should be able to find it in many grocery stores, convenience stores, and some bars and restaurants. If you have trouble finding it, drop us a line mentioning which region you are in, and we will try to help you find it.

  • Some beers are available year round, while others are available on an occasional basis: the regular range and the Autre Chose series. The specialty beers are brewed only on an occasional basis. Check the product page in question to determine if it is currently available.

  • There's always a taster pack available. Keep an eye out – it varies by season.

  • Unfortunately, for the moment, most of our beers are not canned due to production capacity constraints. Rest assured that our brewing team is working hard to try to bring more of our products in cans to you.

  • Like great wines, most Unibroue gourmet beers have properties that change over time. Consult the "Sommelier's advice" section to learn more about this practice and to know the aging potential of each of our products.

  • Just like great wines, each Unibroue tasting beer has its own aging potential. See the "Sommelier's Tips" section to learn more about this practice.

  • Yes – for most Unibroue beers. We use the bottle refermentation technique to naturally carbonate our beers, so they are not filtered. A solid material called lees (yeast that has settled at the bottom of the bottle) will appear over time. Do not worry, there is no danger in consuming this beer.

  • It all depends on the product in question. Most of our beers are not filtered or pasteurized, and have a shelf life of 1 to 7 years. For our beers from the Autre Chose series, the shelf life is 6 months.

  • The Unibroue factory is in Chambly, since 1993.

  • Unfortunately, our facilities are not open for tours.

  • Yes, you can buy Unibroue glasswear online at


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