The 2013 World Beer Championships: 12 new medals!

The results of the 2013 World Beer Championship of Chicago were revealed a few days ago and it is with great joy that the brewery has received 12 medals in the "Belgian Ales & Continental Style" category. The brewery has indeed received a platinum medal (La Fin du Monde), four gold medals (Blonde de Chambly, Terrible, Trois Pistoles and Don de Dieu), six silver medals (Blanche de Chambly, 2011 Unibroue 17 Grande Réserve, Raftman, Maudite, Noire de Chambly, Seigneuriale) and a bronze medal for 2012 Unibroue 17 Grande Réserve 2012.

The total medals and awards won by the brewery since its foundation are now up to 208. Among the most award-winning ales are La Fin du Monde (36 medals, including 11 platinum and 15 gold), Trois Pistoles (26 medals), and Maudite (25 medals).

Here is the complete list of ratings given to our ales as well as the tasting notes:

99 • La Fin du Monde. Platinum Medal

93 • Trois Pistoles. Gold Medal

90 • Don de Dieu. Gold Medal

95 • Terrible. Gold Medal

91 • Blonde de Chambly. Gold Medal

89 • Maudite. Silver Medal

88 • Noire de Chambly. Silver Medal

88 • 17 Grande Réserve 2011. Silver Medal

89 • Seigneuriale. Silver Medal

85 • Raftman. Silver Medal

88 • Blanche de Chambly. Silver Medal

82 • 17 Grande Réserve 2012. Bronze Medal


For full details on the World Beer Championship of Chicago, visit the website.