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The Unibroue Recipes

March 10th, 2014

The Unibroue Recipes

The brewery is proud to present its first and new English recipe book!  You will find, in this collection of recipes, a vast selection of dishes which bring out the distinctive flavors of Unibroue ales.  The variety of the menu, which includes seafood, grilled meat, vegetables, cheese and a few irresistible desserts, is sure to please the epicurean beer lover as well as the explorer.

We also included a few beer and cheese pairings to end your meal in style or for a tasting among friends.  And of course, we added an impressive selection of beer cocktails created by mixologists.

This recipe book, produced in collaboration with chefs and mixologists from Quebec, is on sale at the Unibroue online Boutique.

We must also mention the collaboration of our valuable partners, namely Samuel Joubert and Philippe Allard from recettesdelamort.ca, Richard Rassi and Marie-Josée Grenier from Fourquet Fourchette restaurant in Chambly and Lawrence Picard, mixologist. A big thank you to all!

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