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First brewery of its kind in North America, Unibroue is a world leading specialty brewery in  refermented ale. In this section, discover the serving secrets of our ales: glassware selection, serving temperature and how to serve them in order to appreciate all their subtleties.


Choice of glassware

To fully appreciate Unibroue ales, serve them in the appropriate glassware.  The glassware's shape will allow, namely, effervescence and aromas to be fully released.

Refer to the visual on the right side to learn about the suggested choice of glass for your Unibroue ale.

Serving Temperatures

Generally speaking, low-alcohol Unibroue ales will be savored at cooler temperatures than high-alcohol ales.  To fully appreciate the latter, we recommend taking them out of the refrigerator
20 to 30 minutes before serving.

Refer to the visual on the right side to see the suggested serving temperatures.

Pouring ritual

To fully enjoy your tasting experience, we suggest the following pouring ritual:

1. Before opening a Unibroue ale, slowly turn the bottle upside down and turn it several times.
This will allow the lees at the bottom of the bottle to blend in and fully release the unique taste of yeast typical of traditional Unibroue beers.

2. Uncap the bottle.

3. Hold the glass, previously rinsed in clear water, at a 45° angle.  Pour the beer slowly up to about half the glass.

4. At this point, straighten the glass and continue pouring the beer, making sure you pour the beer at the center of the glass to create a foam collar.

Ideally, the foam should be 1 to 2 inches thick.  The foam captures the bouquet's aromas and perfumes and then releases them to awaken your senses during the tasting.


To appreciate your tasting experience, start by taking in the aroma of the beer several times.  This will allow you to appreciate the subtleties of its bouquet.

Then, take a sip and let the beer move throughout your mouth to appreciate the texture (effervescence, temperature, fullness) and to let it connect will all parts of your tongue that are sensitive to various flavors (salty, sweet, acid and bitter).

Exhale through your nose as your taste.  With this ''retroolfaction'', the beer's warm odorant molecules will connect to your olfactory receptors and enhance your appreciation of the various flavors.

Lastly, concentrate on the finale and the aftertaste which that can be totally different from the aromas you noticed when you took the first sip.  Contrary to popular belief, the aftertaste can be very pleasant, and can make you yearn for another sip.

Happy tasting!