Éphémère Cherry

Origin Chambly, Québec
Brewed since 2013
ABV 5.5%
Fermentation Top
Style White ale brewed with fruit
Color Polished copper, salmon
Clarity Slightly cloudy
Head Lacy eggshell effervescent foam
Bubbles Fine
Effervescence Medium and sustained
Nose Warm whiff of plump cherries and spices.
Flavor Mildly acid, fruity without the sweetness, refreshing taste of rosé wine followed by a dry aftertaste of wild pin cherry.
IBU 12
Body Medium
Aftertaste Medium
Suggested serving temperature 6ºC - 8ºC / 43°F - 46°F
Suggested glass Tulip


Éphémère Cherry is available across Québec and as a  seasonal brew in other canadian provinces. Éphémère Cherry is not available in the United States at the moment.