Quelque Chose

Origin Chambly, Quebec
Brewed since January 1996
ABV 8,0%
Fermentation High
Style Hybride (blend of a Belgian kriek ale with a brown ale brewed in Chambly)
Color Deep ruby red
Clarity Low
Head None
Bubbles Thin
Effervescence Light
Nose Intense redolence of ripe cherries accented by cinnamon, cloves, honey and vanilla
Flavor Perfectly balanced sweetness and tartness featuring ripe cherry and spice notes
IBU 20.5
Body Medium
Aftertaste Short
Suggested serving temperature On the rocks or 50 to 70°C / 122 to 158°F
Suggested glass Chalice on the rocks or in a mug if heated
Availability Not currently brewed
Format 750 mL/26 oz


Quelque Chose is no longer available.